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Candice and Jason had been together a year and a half when they decided it was time to tie the knot. Jason comes from the rodeo world and Candice has always been a country girl so naturally, they decided on a rustic theme for their big day. They chose a beautiful location out at Coulee Creek Farms for both the ceremony and reception, and what a day it was!

It started off as a beautiful blue skied, July summer day; the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. When people say that the Alberta prairies are a beautiful, unpredictable place, they aren’t exaggerating; fast forward an hour after the ceremony had finished and the bridal party was doing photos, and in stepped Mother Nature. A flash thunder and wind storm decided to make an appearance that day, but that didn’t dampen the brides mood, as it quickly passed and reveled an even more beautiful summer evening to continue celebrating in.

This was the first wedding by yours truly and we not only planned the entire wedding but also made the majority of the decorations! From the glittered pinecones used for name cards, to glittered shotgun shells used for table numbers, painted mason jars and wooden signs, we did it all. We decided to go big for the first event and really set the standard, not only for our customers, but for us and what we know we can deliver. This was definitely a wedding to remember for both of us with it being not only our first wedding but also our co-founder’s wedding! Once we finished celebrating Candice and Jason, we realized at the end of it that we wanted to do planning full time, and what better a way than celebrating as best friends, the others union AND deciding to start a business! Talk about a lot in one day!

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